The Van Burn

Greetings loyal VanBun readers!  It’s been a minute since my last post; here’s what I’ve been up to: Preparing to move to Spain, where I will be living for at least 9 months. Going on a few local adventures in the van. Spending time with friends and family since I won’t see most of them […]

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Oregon Sojourn Finale

I’m currently back in the San Francisco Bay Area, taking a bit of a break from Van Life to see friends and family, organize my stuff and prepare for the next chapter in the journey (Burning Man and moving to Spain).  This post will close the chapter of my Oregon Sojourn; I will use pictures […]

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The VanBun Chronicles: Episode 1

In the past year, I’ve progressively become more obsessed with time-lapse photography.  Due to my hip injury, I haven’t been able to trek around with my camera slung on my side (my historical method of hiking, traveling, exploring and doing photography).  Instead, I hike around with a tripod/camera in my backpack; when I come to […]

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Oregon Refugee

I’ve decided to end this blog.  How can I top the “Female Orgasm Cult” post!?  Impossible. I’m Kidding.  This blog will continue – but don’t expect insane stories like that every week. Ashland At the end of my last post, I was in Ashland, furiously scribbling together my story.  Fleeing the commune was a huge […]

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“WE ARE THE FEMALE ORGASM PEOPLE!” – My Close Encounter With a Modern Day Cult

Well, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I did not stay at the “Commune” for the full two weeks.  I only lasted 4 nights. The following narrative was written in my journal 24 hours after I fled the compound.  Names have been changed. June 9th, 2016 This morning, Chelsea and I fled the commune.  I’m […]

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Quick Summary Enter Shasta.  I had no idea what to expect of this area.  Clearly, there is a giant, snow-covered mountain.  There is also a town called ‘Mount Shasta’.  When I viewed this area on Google Maps, it wasn’t colored in green to indicate a national park or forest area.  Was the entire area a […]

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Lone Wolf Redux

Back to being a lone wolf. I love socializing and hanging out with friends, but I also treasure my solo time.  I find that being alone allows me to reflect more deeply on my life experiences, recharge my batteries, rediscover who I am and have my own adventures.  After a bit of alone time, I start […]

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Manzanita Shenanigans

After 2 nights of lone wolfing it in the Devastated Area, I was ready for some socializing.  Lucky for me, my brother Tommy and his band of amigos from San Francisco were in town for a Birthday camping trip.  I joined up with the crew for 48 hours of nonstop giggles, fun, hiking and light […]

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Cool rig, bro.

Here is a quick recap of my journey since my last post.  It’s been an unforgettable week. Herm and Alberta in Sactown.  The Devestated Area.  Semi stealth camping. The Devestated Area.  Semi stealth camping. Tune in for next post….. The Rig There are many Sienna minivan rigs, but mine is special!  I love my car […]

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